AnonymousAndrewPodcast: Life and the Choices We Make!

I invite guests on to share their relationship stories, how they overcome their struggles, how they got out, and how they got to where they are today. I bring on experts, doctors, authors, life and relationship coaches. Mentors, motivational speakers, anyone promoting a book, I will be holding a book give away contest in 2 weeks. And more after that.

Join me each week to learn about the red flags of life. How to not get caught in the vortex of gaslighting relationships. Look inward. Our inner thoughts, mental & physical health. Are you struggling with addiction, relationships, paranoia or going through a breakup? I am there and doing that. We will discuss, examine and deep dive into the mind and all the nuances of the choices we make, the consequences with interviews with other podcasters, authors and experts, each week we will all topics related to getting you through these challenging concerns.