Welcome to Anonymous Andrew Podcast

Anonymous Andrew Podcast: Life and the Choices We Make! A personal journey podcast. Focusing on dating and relationships. After leaving a three year relationship that I endured deception, infidelity, gaslighting, co-dependency and more, I find myself wandering alone in the desert of empty romance. Needing to break a pattern of dating behavior that brings me to my knees. This podcast explores all aspects of romance from online dating, organic dating, self-love, self-respect, choosing the right partner for a relationship and so much more. Learning to sustain a healthy relationship. Should one stay in a relationship if it was a poor choice. I have been choosing poorly and making many of these mistakes. Staying in toxic relationships way past their expiration date! I share my journey of self-discovery and hoping to find new love. Making better choices. I cannot be the only one wandering around this lonely enigma of love. Hopefully I can help you and together we can find true love!

What to do if you find yourself deep in a relationship only to realize you missed the red flags, or ignored them, or chose to ignore them (as in my case). Why do we choose to ignore the red flags? What to do once you are in so deep, you feel stuck. Your partner is cheating on you, or manipulating you, or worse, abusing you, either physically, mentally or financially. Join me each week as I have experts, such as authors, life coaches, doctors, therapists, social workers and more. I will also have on anonymous people who share their story of abuse, trauma, gaslighting, and all the traits mentioned above.

Once you are out, how do you heal? Is there life, a good life after an abusive relationship? Will you ever love again or be loved? The answer is yes although you don’t see that at the time.  These are just some of the questions and answers we cover on this podcast. My goal is to help you and share with you how to choose a better partner. How to start dating again. 

I share my story of a psychological abusive relationship with a woman who was living a double life. One life was her relationship with me, and her second as an escort. Sleeping with so many men, her privates were so damaged, it was traumatizing to see. Yet I stayed for 2 plus years. I knew but was gaslighted to think otherwise. I share my story as I thought I was alone only to find out this is rampant in our society today. Has been for a very long time. So, if you are a decent person and trust your partner, like I did, only to find out in the end the truth! This podcast is for you. Thus the birth of this podcast. I took something negative and turned into something positive. Anonymous Andrew Podcast!